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Suomen Asuntohypopankki

Suomen Asuntohypopankki

Suomen Asuntohypopankki Oy is a Finnish deposit bank established in 1979. The bank serves as a subsidiary of the 155 years old Mortgage Society of Finland.

The society has more than 10,000 employees across all branches and serves more than 25,000 clients. The Suomen Asuntohypopankki bank mainly deals with real estate mortgages supporting people in purchasing and renovating real estate properties.

In 2015 it recorded an operating income of 4,09 million EUR. Suomen Asuntohypopankki Oy also takes part in the scheme o deposit guarantee in Finland. This system will cover all the accounts with a cap of 100 000 EUR for each customer.

Suomen Asuntohypopankki Services

  • Specialized in housing finance.
  • Grants mortgage and consumer loans for all stages of home owning including purchasing and renovating.
  • Offers deposit accounts and credit cards.


Suomen Asuntohypopankki Main Contacts

Tel: (09)228 361 Fax: (09) 647 443

Suomen Asuntohypopankki Head Office Address

Yrjonkatu 9,
00120 Helsinki, Finland

PL 509
00101 Helsinki